Heal Earth by Healing Yourself

There are many ways to help heal the earth — great ways that when put together, do make a difference. But the most important way is often overlooked, even by me. So, I’d like to remind everyone today to remember to heal yourself.

Two Hand Holding Young Plant On Nature Background Stock Photo

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You are a part of the earth. You live on earth. You take earth into your body everyday. You are the most important part in earth’s healing because you are earth.

So, please heal yourself by eliminating the negative within you. It poisons you and everyone around you, including earth. When you are angry and crying in pain, when you act in hate, when you hurt yourself and others — you are hurting earth as well.

Heal yourself by connecting with your soul. The more you connect with your soul, the more you will discover the real you. You will become aware of parts of you that were discarded long ago. Retrieve these parts. Get to know them. You will find your connection to Mother Earth will strengthen because she is one of these lost parts. Healing Mother Earth is more than going green and being eco-friendly. It’s also about joining with her, realizing you are one with her — she is a part of you and you are a part of her.

Heal yourself by bringing transformative light into your soul and body. You can do this by developing your ability to love, to feel compassion, and to be kind. The power of such light is immense and beyond imagination. Earth needs more of this light. Humanity needs more of this light. Each person that develops this light shines forth like a lighthouse guiding fellow seekers and them self to more light. And all of this beautiful healing light shines forth onto Earth, helping to heal her and maintain her health.

We are all beautiful works in progress. Healing ourselves is not a one day or one time thing. It is a continuous process and it is beautiful. And the best part is: everyone, including earth, benefits from it.

Sending lots of smiles and hugs your way,

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